Here Come the Tablets; Which to Watch, How Digital Musicians Will Use Them

Motorola’s new flagship tablet. Photo courtesy Motorola. The iPad has a massive head start in software and a clear lead in design elegance, but in the tablet market, it’s no longer alone. As expected, this week’s Consumer Electronics Show brings a slew of tablets. Don’t call them iPad rip-offs, either. Given product development cycles, many of these products were likely in the pipeline before competitors saw the iPad. (There’s no doubt in the intervening time the iPad has made its mark, both as a benchmark of what to be and how rivals might differentiate themselves.) Browsing, e-books, and games lead …


This Week: The State of Platforms for Digital Music Making

Photo (CC-BY) Eoin Gardiner. With talk of tablets, experimentation with interfaces, new developments in low-cost and low-power processing, and ongoing challenges with access in different parts of the world, in 2010, it seems everyone is asking fundamental questions about what digital platforms and computing platforms should be. There are few contexts to better explore that question than music. Sure, it may seem to the casual onlooker that music is just a niche for specialists, but it pushes hardware to the limits of performance tolerances, tests latencies lower than that used for mission-critical military applications, and has long been a venue …


Tablets, Slates, Multi-touch Everywhere, But Details Scant; Round Up of New Offerings

Could your next music controller be a tablet or slate? Dell’s “concept” points the way to what that might look like, but the wait continues for more shipping products. Photo: Dell. For all the focus on clever little music apps on your phone, it’s the slate/tablet form factor that seems to hold the greatest promise for live performance. Thanks to a larger screen area, these devices look far more usable for control – equipped with multi-touch, they could be reasonable substitutes for hardware control surfaces, a la the Lemur.And with greater horsepower under the hood, you might not need to …