A World of Sounds: Academik’s Francis Preve Shares Label’s Music, Studio Advice, Samples for Live

Francis Prève works the crowd. Photo courtesy the artist. The abundance of music, and the preceived ease of producing it, comes to some as bad news – or even harbinger of apocalypse. But load up a craft with quantity, and quality is what stands out. Francis Prève is a perfect Renaissance producer. With years of experience as a music technology journalist and sound designer, his own, signature flavor of tech-house is uniquely focused on timbre. His label, Academik Records, debuted last year at Austin’s South by Southwest, but it’s just now kicking into high gear. (If you are in Austin …


Video: Joys of Control Voltage, as Moog Guitar Joins Moog Synths and Effects

Chris Stack, now no longer with Moog Music, is instead spending his time putting out a terrific series of demo videos in which he combines a dream studio of Moog gear. In the last one, we saw him producing stereo ring modulation — and see comments, as someone did take up my challenge to do the same thing with Pd (Pure Data, the open source patching environment). Now, he’s back with a fantastic set of control voltage demos. For the uninitiated, control voltage is analog voltage routed between modules or instruments not as sound signal, but as a means of …


Moog Announces $800 Slim Phatty; Filtatron iPhone App Available

Moog Music have been busy. Yes, they’re making an iPhone app, but for hardware lovers, there’s also the Slim Phatty, a rack-sized rendition of the Little Phatty announced last week. US$849 list, fourth quarter of this year; Synthtopia reports an $800 street. What does the Slim Phatty get you? Like the Little Phatty, it’s basically a 2-oscillator analog monosynth with lots of onboard controls and connectivity. 2-oscillator Little Phatty sound engine, with the Moog Ladder Filter and Control Voltage input 17″ width, USB, MIDI, CV, external audio processing New Tuning Scale feature and editor for alternate scales, microtonal scales, etc. …