Mikme, GoPro of microphones, is also serious about sound

Being simple and mobile has its advantages. I bet at least once, you’ve recorded some audio sample on your phone. But simplicity often comes at the expense of audio quality – the phone being a perfect example. An upstart hardware project wants to change that, with a crowd funding campaign that’s winding up its final […]

Powerful Syphon Tricks: Streaming Screen Captures, Mapping, Live Canon SLR Cameras

Since its release, Syphon has demonstrated how visual materials can be more fluid on computers. The open source technology on OS X has changed the way people work with visual apps, become the key enabling tech that helped popularize streaming visuals to dedicated mapping applications, and, probably, convinced more than a few people to splurge […]

Motion Controlling a Water Drop: Entropy, An Arduino, A Laser Pointer, and a Gorgeous Watery Animation

In an elegant, balletic dive, taking an almost impossibly-long span of time, a single droplet of water falls and splashes, an animated logo peeking out from the inside. But it’s what isn’t there that may surprise you. There’s slow motion camera behind the scenes, meaning the usual way of doing this is absent. Instead, what […]

Pixels Mixed with Paper Sculpture: Amon Tobin-Inspired Audiovisual Projection

In a spectacular, sculptural work, forms built from paper become organic backdrops for undulating pixels in an audiovisual work by Daniel Schwarz. I like that he describes this as partially “non-mapped.” That is, if projection mapping is the use of software to create calculated virtual geometries on which to project, you can also just point […]

Comaduster: Scrape – Audiovisual Work, Made from Macro Photography

Seen at Mutek, Comaduster’s piece “Scrape” is a sumptuous, sensual photographic feast of macro imagery. Amidst audiovisual work that has tended to narrow aesthetic bands like minimalism or slick 3D futurism, I find work like this stimulating as a suggestion of the kind of explorations to come. With digital media wide-open by design, there’s really […]

Displayed On Tubes, Digital-Analog Hybrid Visuals, Reaktor Video Synth

Mickael Le Goff is a DSP developer by day for Native Instruments. By night, he imagines signal as an element of video synthesis, dancing and flickering on tubes. In a new music video for Berlin-based producer Bill Youngman, those skills are put to eerie effect against tubes, as the analog signals fire a lonely oscilloscope […]

Adventures in Time and Space: Timelapse and Macro Photo-Motion

Photography can transform scale, whether in time, space, or a combination of the two. scntfc, the hyper-talented audiovisual artist, sends some eye-explodingly good work our way, prompted by yesterday’s coverage of a two-minute condensation of a trip from San Francisco to Paris. Before returning to the theme of timelapse time travel and aerospace, let’s look […]

Senior Living Music Vid: Royksopp as Moody Soundtrack for Short Cinema

RĂ–YKSOPP at their best, I think, become cinematic and atmospheric, an abstract soundtrack, but always with a sharp sense of wit. So Nils Clauss hits just the right note in his film for “Senior Living,” finding mood and humor. At a time when the signal-to-noise ratio for music videos is often out of control, here, […]

Vimeo Video School Now in Session; Lots of DSLR Tips

Out there on the wild frontier of Teh Internetz, you’ll find a seemingly-endless supply of tips and tutorials and videos. But the quality is, charitably, variable. The fine folks at Vimeo last month opened a “Vimeo Video School” to share techniques, and – appropriate to the higher level of quality control we see from the […]

A Spec Gorillaz Music Video, Composed with Real NYC Light

On Melancholy Hill – NYC Lights from Chateau Bezerra on Vimeo. The fact that computers and digital media can generate anything can be an added incentive to peer out into the physical world around you. So Chateau Bezerra, a CDM reader who was lucky enough to win some software from us previously in a giveaway, […]