The Finger: Reaktor+Kore Sampling Madness from Tim Exile, But More Than That

It’s a strange and wonderful sampling instrument and live rig, capable of mangling and remixing live, synced to tempo. It’s proof that live computer performance doesn’t have to be in only one tool, or use one technique. It’s a ready-to-play, affordable instrument you can pick up and use. It’s a Reaktor patch gurus can pick […]

NI Posts Free Soundpack Compilation, No Kore Ownership Needed; Tweet for Joy

Yes, the Internet moves fast. Just hours after Native Instruments announces a free soundpack, it’s already popping up on Twitter – AudioGeekZine reports happy times with the new Compilations Volume 1 soundpack from Native Instruments. Here’s the story: because Native Instruments uses the free Kore Player for its soundpacks, you can make use of the […]

- December 17, 2008

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