Soundtrack Pro 2 Gets Post, Surround; Glimpse of Logic 8?

Shown above: Soundtrack Pro. But could we finally be seeing a glimpse of what’s coming in the next Logic? Contained in the Apple Final Cut Studio 2 announcement is a new version of Apple’s video-savvy sound editor, Soundtrack Pro. Unfortunately, Apple still hasn’t restored the a la carte, Soundtrack-only purchase option — you have to […]

Fission: Lossless at Last

Sure, between applications as full-featured as Bias Peak and Apple’s own Soundtrack not to mention freeware like Audacity, Mac users are a bit spoilt for choice when it comes to audio editors. But for those like myself who long for the simplicity and elegance of the long gone SoundEdit, Rogue Amoeba may just have the […]

Sony’s Answer to Apple’s Soundtrack: Cinescore Eliminates Composers Entirely, Brings AI to Klezmer

Yes, I know, there are many video production houses working on weddings and corporate videos who aren’t likely to hire Howard Shore to compose the score. (Well, except for the odd Lord of the Rings geeks tying the knot.) So, it makes sense that we’d see yet another software product that promises to generate the […]

Apple Introduces Soundtrack Pro, New Pro Audio App

Apple has a new pro app for audio production called Soundtrack Pro, unveiled with Final Cut Pro Studio 5. This isn't just a slightly beefed-up Soundtrack or a new app for video — it looks like it could be a whole different way of working. Here's an early look at some features I find interesting […]