RYAT's production setup.

In LA, looking to what new tech means for music makers

This week, the eyes of the music world will look at what’s new in toys. But how about looking further, to how technology is used? Going deeper to what’s happening in live music and music making is the essence of our new series Practice Space. CDM is excited to host a living-room style gathering of musicians and performance artists in the heart of downtown LA, and we hope you’ll join us – in person and online.


New Music Listening, Free and Pay-What-You-Will: Shigeto to Squarepusher to Ambienteer

Squarepusher plays Rome in April of last year. Photo (CC-BY-ND) funkoolow. To take us into the weekend, here are some favorite online music releases this week to download, stream, and enjoy. Be sure to click over to the site if you’re on RSS for the included players if they’re not appearing.


Squarepusher Takes Over the Guardian, and All is Right with the World

Squarepusher has taken over the music page of the Guardian, and the results bring joy and smiles to children and the young at heart. Just how great is it when Squarepusher is in charge? Music singles are complete and utter fluff, and he’s not afraid to say so, picking them apart one at a time like an angry, deconstructionist Casey Kasem. Noise and Italian Futurists get their due. Fluxus is the sort of cinema that accompanies your popcorn. A gentleman drops by to talk about aesthetic theory, and … uh, something about how great Steve Reich is. Got a little …