French Rock Band Makes Steve Jobs Tribute From His Words

People still find heroes – imperfect as they may be, people who provide inspiration. I’ve been talking a lot this year about the impact of Max Mathews; more on that soon. But in the aftermath of Steve Jobs’ death, it’s touching to see some of the reactions. French Rock band Bravery in Battle write CDM to share their music video homage to the Apple leader. They’ve gotten quite a lot of attention in French, as well (French-language links): «Ayez faim, soyez fous»… les bonnes paroles de Steve jobs mises en musique [Liberation] Un bel hommage à Steve Jobs en musique …


Bicycles, Pixels, Pixars, and our Virtual Geometries

Photo (CC-BY) Mo Riza. Thoughts on Steve Jobs’ departure on Create Digital Music: Bicycles for the Mind See also my thoughts from August – for anyone concerned for the future of Apple, I still believe that leaving behind a company that can go on in his absence may be Jobs’ latest accomplishment as a leader. Beyond Cupertino, he leaves behind an impact on many more, people who are even now carrying on that legacy. And while I covered the music side of things, the impact Jobs had on visual technology is of course hard to overstate. President Obama referred to …


Bicycles for the Mind

Just before I got the news tonight, I was riding a newly-purchased bicycle over Berlin’s Eisenbrücke, and thinking again about the way Steve Jobs described the computer – as a bicycle for the mind. It was something about feeling effortless speed, all from something that needs no fuel, that made it hit me. I can think of no more hopeful metaphor for what computers could ultimately mean – for music, for creativity, and for people. It was just coincidence that this thought happened to hit me today, nothing more, but that’s the lasting endurance of an idea. Steve Jobs’ loss …


End of One Chapter in Steve Jobs’ Legacy for Creative Tech; The Next Act, Succession

Photo of Steve Jobs portrait (CC-BY) Adobe of Chaos / Organ Museum. Steve Jobs’ abrupt resignation from Apple is of course plastered all over the news and social network feeds, so let’s consider instead the legacy Jobs has left over the decades for creative technology. The highlights for artists and musicians begin far before the iPhone. Jobs’ sometimes-obsessive dedication to design, to uncompromising capabilities particularly in regards to multimedia, and to stewarding the creative teams that built these computers has shaped the development of computing for music and visuals. Now, what happens next – including the important role computers continue …


Devices and Expression: Curation, Design, Immersion, and Freedom

iPad meets Mac, new generation meets, old – what next? Photo (CC) Hassan Hodges. Steve Jobs is threatening to destroy the Internet. And it’s not even his fault. No, I’m not talking about whether or not the iPad supports Flash. I’m talking about the new propensity of various analysts to redefine computing, technology, and apparently the fabric of reality in order to fit their partisan positions around debates Jobs himself is framing. It’s detracting from the actual utility of Apple’s mobile tools and competitors alike. But more importantly, the people who write about technology seem to have lost sight of …