Music of Snakes on a Plane: Trevor Rabin, Former Yes-Man Now a Mac-Using Composer

It’s impossible to continue just to make music and ignore the serious threats to our security and the safety of passenger aviation. Tightened security has focused primarily on threats from the past, and reactive measures that can only prevent existing, known dangers. You know where I’m going with this: we need to evaluate screening methods […]

Workshop and Studio Discount in Brooklyn for Create Digital Motion Readers

3rd Ward, the workspace/studio/gallery in Brooklyn where I’ll be giving a class on interactive Mac design later this month, is offering a discount code for Create Digital Motion readers, if you happen to be here in the New York area: Enter code PK0806 to receive a 10% discount on a 3-month trial membership or 1 […]

Solar-Powered Music Studios: Could Solar Stop Climate Crisis?

With New York City close to breaking its all-time record heat record of 101 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s over 38 degrees Celsius), non-renewable energy costs soaring, and Con Edison unable to deliver reliable electricity, it seems like an odd time to be advocating electronically-powered music. It must be time for solar power. Via Rozling on the […]

Powerpuff to Clerks: Composer James Venable Captured in His Mac-based Studio

Watch a behind the scenes video of film/TV composer, producer, and electronic musician James L Venable as he’s working on the final touches to the score for “Clerks 2”, in theaters now: “Music Lessons” with James Venable, via Train Wreck: Video Chronicle of Clerks II Production Venable is best known for the D&B inspired theme […]

Your Cribs: More Minimalist Mac/PC Music Studios

It’s not about pissing contests with who can get the biggest rack of gear any more, evidently. While some of us CDMer can’t stop collecting computers (see the forum thread on that), many are looking for a minimal setup that lets them focus on actually, you know, making music. These setups often aren’t just minimal […]

Convertible Minimalist Mac Studio, Now Chart-Topping

My friend Francis Preve sends pictures and details of his new “convertible” studio. He claims this is shameless self-promotion, but I call it aesthetic envy — and for another reason to be envious, Gabriel & Dresden’s Tracking Treasure Down (for which he did a remix) just hit #1 on the Billboard Club Charts. Not too […]

Your Studios: corporation’s Modded DM2 USB Scratch Surface, Mash-ups; DM2 Forum

From the forums, corporation has been kind enough to give us a glimpse at his fantastically cool studio, complete with a nicely-decorated DM2 USB control surface. The Mixman DM2 was intended as a toy for computer DJ newbies, but the hardware feels surprisingly nice and, thanks to apparent overstocks of the DM2, often shows up […]

Composer’s Studio Goes Digital: Tech Toys and Inspiration

Now that the rest of our studio has gone digital, the approach to producing score for acoustic instruments has changed, too. Here’s a look at some of my favorite toys and tools for keeping music flowing. You’d have to be a true Luddite to argue that word processors are bad for writing. Blogs, perhaps, sometimes […]

Hotel Room Studio: NIN’s Rack-Mounted Dual G5s

No, not G5s with dual processors: think racks filled with two Power Mac G5s. Composer Justin McGrath tips us off that Nine Inch Nails’ current photolog has a rack-mounted Power Mac G5, as we’ve discussed today and earlier today: nine inch nails: current [] Apparently taken in a hotel room, Trent Reznor, Saul Williams, and […]