Cubase SX/SL 3.1: Hardware Integration, Dolby, Pro Features

Want proof that you can’t keep on top of which DAW is best? Updates are now nearly round-the-clock, and point-one updates can bring serious features. Hot on the heels of MOTU’s free 4.6 upgrade to DP, Steinberg has over 50 new features in Cubase SL/SX 3.1, coming as a free download in August. Some of […]

Games Week/E3: New Consoles’ Audio, Compared

Graphics, schmaphics. The future of gaming not only looks better — it sounds a lot better, too. Talk to any game composer or sound designer, and you’ll hear a lot of excitement about the amount of creativity they can exert with games. So how does the next generation compare? Amidst all the PS3 vs. Xbox […]

State of Surround: Audio Titans Massenburg, Emerick, Scheiner

Berklee student Rian Souleles brings CDM this report on the state of surround, straight from the mouths of some of the greatest engineers alive. Recently, on a Friday afternoon, about a hundred music technology students crammed into the hot sweaty live room of Berklee College of Music's Studio A just to get a glimpse of […]

Tube 5.1 Surround Headphones

Clearly, the future of headphones is surround sound, delivered by "acoustical alloy" tubing worn around the head. I have no qualms whatsoever about this device. I'm sure the surround effect is completely successful, and I think the claim of "mastering" as an application is an excellent idea — if you're mastering professional 5.1 surround mixes, […]