Create Scores on the iPad, Don’t Just Read Them: Notion

Consumption, or creation? When it comes to notation and musical scores, the iPad (and tablets, generally) has fallen on the side of reading rather than writing, display rather than creation. Notion for iPad, a mobile version of the desktop notation software, looks poised to change all of that. See video, above, for an overview of the features. Highlights: Entry, editing, and playback for notation and guitar tab Built-in samples, including keys, guitar and bass, and the London Symphony Orchestra as recorded at Abbey Road Studios Enter notes by tapping a keyboard or 24-fret fretboard, or select and drag and drop …


Crazy Idea Watch: A Guitar Player’s Stand for iPhone Tablature

Brian Kane sends along this whimsical proposal for iPhone/iPod Touch users reading tab. "It’s a portable practice device, also suitable for performance," says Kane of his concept. It’s like a harmonica holster, but for your tab. Attach this to yourself, pull up tab of a song, and fake your way through any tune you like. (Brian also suggested "Practice anywhere; get laid quicker." I’ll leave that to you to determine.) No, you can’t buy this yet. But never say never. It’s certainly not the strangest idea for an Apple accessory I’ve ever seen. Study for musical assistive device [at Brian’s …