Watch Powell’s genius, glitching music video made from email

If you’ve never heard of UK producer Powell, it’s maybe even more important that you watch this video now. There’s a lot I want to say, but I’d give away the ending. Let’s keep it to this: an adventurous electronic producer, making a raucously stuttering, intense, punk-digital record, talked to his rock idol Steve Albini. And something happened. What happened on email turned into a music video by director Guy Featherstone, and the results are pure poetry. Very large epilepsy warning: this video strobes sickeningly. But, if like us, you rather like that sort of thing, you may … enjoy …


Sonic Pulp Fiction: The Unsound Festival, Respun as Imaginary Narrative

Silhouetted in a fog, Unsound in 2009. Photo (CC-BY-ND) andrej/asebest. “This sounds crazy. I want to see this. I think I may have to see this to understand what you mean. But I want to see this.” David Dodson, journalist, writer, and electronic musician (“Primus Luta” and, most recently at our Handmade Music series, Concrete Sound System), has just told me he wants to cover New York’s Unsound Festival, the Polish-based electronic and “advanced” music festival. Only he wants to cover it … fictionally. There’s a love story. There’s drama. There a bits of review, interwoven with a story. In …


Motion from Type: A Treasure Trove of Inspiration on Vimeo

Maradona 1986 from SQUA on Vimeo. We have funny biases when it comes to visual expression. Text is — content. It’s the information. It’s not a graphic. Graphics are something else. (At least, such is the perspective of those of us speaking Western languages, constructed from phonetic symbols and not pictographic or ideographic symbols.) But that makes the use of text as graphic all the more refreshing. Matthew Buchanan has assembled a huge group of videos on Vimeo using type in creative ways: Nice Type It’s a deep source of inspiration, even as it sometimes reveals regular cliches in how …


eMotion – Quartz powered particle based madness.

EMotionDemoUploaded by AdrienMondot Adrien Mondot has posted a preview of his latest creation for OS X – eMotion. eMotion is an physically modeled, OpenGL powered particle engine enabled app that is Quartz Composer friendly, has an incredible text engine, and has Wii remote, wacom tablet, OSC and sudden motion sensor inputs to drive parameters. Watch the video to see for yourself, the text effects are quite amazing. Unfortunately no public beta is currently available. You can check out Adriens other Quartz Composer and OpenGL related projects (with downloads and source) on his blog. Be sure to check out the “Simple …