Minguet Quartett, The Long Now 2015, Kraftwerk. Photo: Camille Blake.

A festival to ponder the nature of time

Now, following a century of recording and broadcast, where does musical performance go next? That challenges not just space or culture, but reimagining the place of time itself in the performance. Berlin is a fitting place to contemplate time. Once home to Albert Einstein, it helped incubate modern general relativity. At its southwest is Mendelsohn’s Einsteinturm; it has the Kaiser Wilhelm Society in its DNA. Adlershof, a short S-Bahn ride away, is home to the enormous BESSY II synchotron photon radiation source (particle accelerator.)


Generative Genius: Free Max for Live Patch Lets You Schedule Scenes at Any Clock Time

Bars and beats are great. But people find applications for sound and music that go beyond traditional tools. That has already made Ableton Live a popular choice for triggering audio events and the like. But even Live tends to be biased toward conventional musical time. Sound and multimedia shop Aconica rolled their own tool to create a solution, the brainchild of sound and media artist Martin Backes, and now that tool is available to Ableton Live users for free. (Max for Live, now included with Live Suite as of Live 9, is required.) The name of the plug-in gives away …


Open Design Thread: Progress Bars, What is the Fundamental Nature of Time?

Alternative titles for this post: “Progress Bars and Existentialism” “A single video encapsulates everything I have to say about the nature of time as reflected in interface design” “When the (*&$& is this damned wait cursor going to stop spinning, and why did it start spinning in the first place?” “Real-time – or its nearest approximation – is always more awesome than rendering.” Let me explain. Last Friday about this time (relatively speaking), I was speaking to MGFest in Chicago about how real-time is transforming visuals. (And speaking of time, I’ll be posting those slides real soon now.) Naturally, I …