One Man Band Watch: Gestures, TouchOSC, Pure Data, Breath Control, Oh, My

Every so often, I’m reminded of a simple fact: the greatest machine on the planet remains the human machine. So, yes, it may seem strange to one of the uninitiated to imagine strapping an iPhone to your wrist. And yes, musicianship in the digital age is partly about triggering, not just playing (though Onyx can […]

Visual Control: TouchOSC + Modul8, Max + OSC + Resolume Chaos Mode

When applications are open to clearly-expressed control, it’s easier than ever – easier than with MIDI – to navigate their interfaces and make them express what you want. Using OSC (rather inaccurately named Open “Sound” Control), interacting with live visuals is getting a lot more powerful. Case in point: thanks to hacks, we’re getting affordable […]

TouchOSC Controller with Template Editing Coming Soon to iPhone, iPod touch

The beauty of using touch for controllers is flexibility. Sure, you give up tactile feedback – but you can also quickly make your own layouts, make touch controllers an ideal complement to your existing hardware gear (the stuff with physical knobs and faders and pads). For that reason, we’re all eagerly anticipating an upcoming version […]

Resolution 09: Touch Sequencing Video Tutorial with Ableton Live, BigSeq, iPod

chromedecay studio look: TouchOSC with Ableton Live and BigSeq from chromedecay on Vimeo. New Year’s Resolution: do cool new stuff. In celebration of the coming of 2009, I’ve got a set of tutorials to post here on createdigitalmusic and createdigitalmotion, so you can get a jump start on the new year by learning some new […]

Video: TouchOSC on iPod touch Adds Controls to ReMOTE SL Keyboard

Tom Phillipson sends us a really lovely video in which he extends what’s possible on a ReMOTE SL keyboard from Novation by adding the touch controls of an iPod touch. This is exactly what I’ve been talking about in terms of the usefulness of the iPod and iPhone apps: they’re a perfect, reasonably affordable (US$220 […]