Multitouch Interfaces of the Future: More Expressive, More Flexible

There was a time when skeptics thought mice would never catch on. “People will never give up their QWERTY keyboards,” they said. They were half right: now we take both for granted. Now, more experiments in multi-touch interfaces are appearing by the day. Aside from mysterious Apple patents, we have, via We Make Money Not […]

Apple’s Touchscreen Patent: Actual Patent Reveals Gestures, Not Hardware

With the Web abuzz about Apple’s latest patent, filing, it’s worth reading the actual patent, 0060026536. Like all patent filings, this research may never translate to a shipping product. But it does make for good reading, and it clears up some issues — the most important one being this is about gestures, not specific hardware. […]

Futuristic Lemur Multitouch Control Surface Updated

The Lemur multitouch control surface is as much about software as it is about hardware, and the folks at JazzMutant and Cycling ’74 have been hard at work updating that software and making it work effectively with more applications. Think better MIDI support, Ableton Live control, and new tutorials on exploring sound and sequencing. Thanks […]

DIY Multi-Touch Interfaces and Other Futuristic Tricks

Via Pixelsumo comes a fantastic lineup of links to futuristic interfaces for music, etc. If you were impressed by Cycling 74’s new Lemur touchscreen, with the power to let you touch multiple points on a pad simultaneously for controlling music/sound/etc., Jeff Han has built his own. His Frustrated Total Internal Reflection project may sound like […]

Sonic Wire Sculptor Web App + Tools That Built It

Interactive music man Amit Pitaru is the creator of the Web sound toy Sonic Wire Sculptor: Try Sonic Wire Sculptor on your Mac/PC browser Thanks to Tim, who notes: “I saw it and got to play with it at the ICC gallery in Tokyo last year and on a video projector and touchscreen; it was […]

Lemur Touchscreens Leaving the Factory

For those of you not on the Cycling `74 mailing list, the future is now: the Lemur touchscreens are on their way. So if you thought this would never be a real product, think again. Cycling tells us that the new machines “are out of the factory” and after final testing will be in San […]

TactaPad Touch Interface for Mac

The TactaPad is just a concept model, not in production, and I’m not even sure the movies are real, but it’s an interesting idea nonetheless. (Thanks to Chris O’Shea for the tip!) The idea is, you touch a tactile surface with your hands, and a camera maps an image of your hands onto the screen […]

Cycling `74 Shows Lemur Programmable Touchscreen

Cycling ‘74 offered a glimpse into digital music’s future last night at the San Francisco Apple Store, with one of the first public appearances of the JazzMutant Lemur programmable touchscreen controller working in concert with its software editor. Unlike conventional touchscreen tablets, the Lemur can support multiple simultaneous finger taps, making it, at least theoretically, […]

Lemur Touchscreen Live in NYC, CDM Returns Tuesday

Yes, I fell off the face of the earth after Tuesday's NAMM update, but CDM will be back to its normal broadcast schedule Tuesday February 1. But if you're in NYC Sunday, you'll have a great way to pass the time: Lemur touchscreen comes to NYC! Share, the weekly Manhattan portable computer music/video jam now […]

Lemur Music Touchscreen: Software

The Lemur interactive digital touchscreen for music and multimedia is moving closer to production, and some of the technical details are becoming clearer. First, the hardware is looking a little more finished (check out the new black color), and we're seeing new screenshots of the editor software (pictured). Check out US distributor Cycling 74's site […]