Indie Bands: Taco Bell Wants to Feed You Burritos, Promote You on Hot Sauce

Photo: Morgan Tepsic. Does that mean South Korea has Taco Bells? I usually try to steer clear of the marketing crud, but this is too bizarre to pass up. Taco Bell, anxious to jump on this whole “indie music” bandwagon, is using the only currency it has: combinations of refried beans, cheese, rehydrated ground meat, […]

Visualist Interview: Miguex Talks All Things VJ with Suryummy

Miguex (who you may know from the CDMo comment stream.) has interviewed Suryummy, creator of the fantastic Interstellar Sugar (previously on CDMo). Interstellar Sugar – Suryummy from Suryummy on Vimeo. [ How would you describe you ideal gig? ] Short and sweet. One thing that I’ve learned over the years, nothing can kill your artistic […]

Visualist Touring Kit: Gear and Organization Overview Video from Deepvisual

UK touring visualist Deepvisual (who is currently kicking around the UK with The Orb) has posted a 3-minute overview into his touring rig. There’s a lot of great tips packed in to 3 minutes of video, so pay attention. I wish someone had told me “take some chocks along to help angle your projectors” before […]

Projection Surface Maintenance: Draper Cinefold Screen Repair

I’ve had 2 rented Draper Cinefold screens with me on the tour. These are relatively expensive collapsible screens which we got a good deal on for a 3ish month rental. Unfortunately their former life at dance parties outside in the elements had left them with some pretty serious battle scars. One of the screen frames […]

How Do You Case and Transport Your Visualist Rig Step 1: Ask CDMo Readers

The tour with Bobby Flynn is hotting up now. Over the weekend we had two shows: In Brisbane and the Gold Coast, which meant that I spent about 8 hours of my weekend setting up and tearing down my rig, aligning projectors and screens, running cables, and running around. The tour map currently displays 16 […]