SunVox is 10, and it is truly something worth celebrating

SunVox, the massively cross platform modular DAW is now 10 years old. Sunvox runs on iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and macOS plus there are versions for PocketCHIP and Pi. You can even run older versions on PalmOS

Cross-Platform Modular Tracker App, Sunvox, gets yet another big update with AudioBus MIDI and more

Cross-Platform Modular Tracker app Sunvox gets yet another big update with AudioBus MIDI. So it’s time to look at the work of Alexander Zolotov

Ashley Elsdon - December 1, 2017

Renoise 2.7 Adds Sample and Slice Savvy; Tips and Inside Info from the Developers

Who says we should have only one set of assumptions when it comes to how music software should work? Renoise remains a vision of an alternate reality where mod trackers – musical editors with vertical, pattern-based views instead of horizontal, linear piano roll views – are our present and future. And Renoise keeps getting better […]

- March 13, 2011

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