Games Week/E3: Xbox Syncs with iPod; Death of Soundtracks?

Microsoft is touting its upcoming game console, the Xbox 360, as a game console with media-sync extras. Microsoft won’t let the Xbox compete with Media Center PC platform; there’s no TV tuner, for instance, so apparently you’re supposed to spend another couple of grand on a Media Center PC. But the new game system will […]

Games Week/E3: New Consoles’ Audio, Compared

Graphics, schmaphics. The future of gaming not only looks better — it sounds a lot better, too. Talk to any game composer or sound designer, and you’ll hear a lot of excitement about the amount of creativity they can exert with games. So how does the next generation compare? Amidst all the PS3 vs. Xbox […]

Remix-Friendly Songs in the Near Future?

Nine Inch Nails aren’t the first band to release their tracks in a remix-friendly digital format. If Umixit had their way, you’d see all kinds of music released this way. Umixit ships song with individual isolated tracks; you get 8 tracks by default but can upgrade to 16. Then you can mix and mash using […]

Podcast: Pink Floyd Drummer Looks Back at Band, Forward to Music’s Future

CDM’s friends at the Fake Science Lab report have a new podcast up, featuring Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. As the creators point out, this is one small step for Nick, one giant leap for podcasting — Mason is the first industry figure to weigh in on an indie podcast. He talks about the book, […]

Macrodobe: Future Killer App?

Keeping up with acquisitions these days is darn near impossible. We wake up this morning, and Adobe has acquired Macromedia. A few humble suggestions from the digital music / interactivity / VJ side of things (and, no, one of them is NOT "bring back SoundEdit" — you'd be amazed how many times I hear that, […]

Pro Tools 6.9: 7 “.1” Away? Post-Production Competition?

Pro Tools 6.9 is now available from Digidesign. As Apple focuses on integration with Final Cut Pro, Avid/Digidesign are counting on the loyalty of studios and video houses to the Avid system; 6.9's major new features have to do with Avid's high-end video products. If you don't have an Avid or ICON D-Command control surface, […]

Fake Science Lab Report: Digital Music Podcast

James Polanco of Fake Science writes us to tell about his new podcast, the Fake Science Lab Report. The show features new music (Creative Commons-licensed) and coverage of digital music technology and industry trends. On the current show: an NPR vet's plan for Technopop, a proposed show that would cover the impact of tech on […]

Home Studio Revolution in the Paper of Record

Manhattan apartments may not have enough room to cook anything more sophisticated than instant mac & cheese, but who says you can't roll your bed into a closet and make a hit album? Even the New York Times is noticing the home studio trend in a story Sunday. (Check that link quick; after a few […]

CDM Trendwatch: Musicaltheaterblogging

If 2004 was the year of the blog, then 2005 will be the year in which everyone has an idea of what the big new blog trend will be. Here at CDM, we've considered the options, from Podcasting to videoblogging and yes, even smelloblogging (in which odors are delivered via RSS feed to fitted nostril […]

Female Tech Power on the Rise, Says Intel

Women are closing the gender gap in tech savvy, according to Intel-funded research by Harris Interactive (of Harris Poll fame). Experts from Intel and Harris, including a cultural anthropologist, say women are just as enthusiastic about technology as men; young women are actually more likely than young men to buy a laptop and more likely […]