How to Add a Tuner and Other Guitar Essentials, Free, for Ableton Live and More

Computers – a category now very likely including the phone in your pocket – open up worlds of utility that previously required dedicated devices. Audio recorder? Metronome? Tuner? There’s really no reason that shouldn’t be right in the box. That said, our friend Marco Raaphorst was musing on the absence of a guitar tuner in Ableton Live – and in the process, reminds us that that other Berlin developer has quite the freebie for anyone who needs a tuner in Live, or simply wants a whole load of cool effects whether they play a guitar or not. Guitar Rig Player …


Take a Solar-Powered Tuner Wherever You Go, Says Tascam … But Environmental?

Sure, we spend a lot of time looking at far-out gear and high technology, but you have to tip your hat to practicality. Tascam’s TC-1S is a compact, portable tuner that you can take anywhere. Solar and USB power mean you never have to worry about powering it, either. Features: 12-tone equal-tempered chromatic tuner. Input via 1/4″ jack or mic Note/sharp-flat/bargraph pitch indication readout on the LCD. Display via “bar,” “fine,” “strobe animation,” or “needle.” Protective silicone case included 51 grams. Shipping this month, street price “under US$40.” It’s a cute little design, and with the economic squeeze continuing, I …


Tune Your Guitar Via the Web, with Free Tuner and Instructions

Now, truly, no one has an excuse for playing an out-of-tune guitar. features a Web-based interface for tuning, and step-by-step instructions in case you’re really a newcomer. The tuner itself goes well beyond the basics, with support for Standard, Drop D, Open C, Open G, Open D, Open G, Half Step Down, Full Step Down, Open E or Admiral tunings. Powered by Flash, you can trigger looped recordings of the strings one by one. The site has chords, scales, lessons, and a forum; you can even see blog-style entries, like one dedicated exclusively to the “D suspended-four” chord. Is …