Jazzy Jeff, Shiftee Show Us Turntable as a Musical Instrument

Serato and Native Instruments may have a fierce rivalry when it comes to tools. But at the end of the day, the leading DJ vendors exist for one reason: they’re there to support musicians. And I do mean musicians. Watching new routines from Jazzy Jeff and Shiftee, you really see the turntable emerge as a virtuoso musical instrument. They’re released as promotions for Serato (Jeff) and Native Instruments (Shiftee). And the tools are important: they’re there to allow these players to make use of their skills, to do more than just select tracks like a jukebox. But this really is …


Epic Audiovisual Mix, Produced with VIDEO-SL

If you’re already in holiday mode, sapped by the shortest day of the year (at least if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere), and looking to kick back with some audiovisual stimulation, this should do the trick. (I know it appeals to me, after 15 hours crossing the Atlantic yesterday.) The radio show Solid Steel regularly features AV mixes; this one comes via DK and the label Ninja Tune. On the superb German electronic site Partysan: ‘Cymatic Frequencies’ an Audio Visual mix by DK It harkens back to the heady days of … 2010. And it makes use of VIDEO-SL, the …


Turntable Meets Cello, Sax, Laptop: How Archie Pelago Uses The Bridge and Ableton Live

With laidback, exotic grooves and richly-coordinated interlaced cello, saxophone, turntable, and electronics, Archie Pelago’s music relies on some serious technological savvy. To be sure, all you really need to play instruments and computers and turntables together is to get into a room and start jamming. But to realize their specific musical vision, the trio of Hirshi, Cosmo D and Kroba have turned to an advanced Ableton Live rig, centered around The Bridge to couple Serato and Live. Here’s a look at their music – and all the gory details that combine to make their setup tick. Grab the free EP …


Experimental Turntablism with dj sniff – Inside the Rig, Process, Playing Technique (CDM Video)

Behind records, dj sniff hides a no-display computer-based rig running his own software, extending the possibilities of what turntablism can be. Photo by Tanya Traboulsi. dj sniff, aka Takuro Mizuta Lippit, has been a leading figure in experimental turntablism and experimental music in general. Following studies in New York and Tokyo, he’s been a key artist and curator in the scene, as well as a top practitioner of turntable technique that pushes the envelope of what the record player can do. I got to spend some time with him in the basement of STEIM, the cutting-edge “electro-instrumental” research center in …


DJ Yoda is a Feel-Good Audiovisual Cut-Up Artist, Talented Turntablist

As with music, there’s not really a dominant style of live visuals or audiovisuals; it ranges from the ambient and generative to Emergency Broadcast Network-style A/V cutups. DJ Yoda is an A/V mash artist in the traditional mold, but the results are nothing if not diverting. They’re quite simply fun, and the fact that the guy is actually a sharp turntablist doesn’t hurt. Yoda is doing a 5-track EP next month and importing his style from the UK to the US, joined by some very talented vocalists and rappers. He’s also earning some pretty major exposure for the genre, with …


Music Video Favorites: Birdy Nam Nam’s Wonderful Animated World

BIRDY NAM NAM – THE PARACHUTE ENDING from Steve Scott on Vimeo. This is the music video you’ve always dreamed of getting when your track gets a music video. It’s been round the Web a few months ago, but I only discovered it today via the lovely 8-bit punk Anamanaguchi (see our interview), on their Twitter feed. It’s like what you worked out when bored in grade school Chemistry class with your best friend who planned to become a comic book artist for a career, scrawled in the margins of your notebook. There’s an evil Egyptian alien sarcophagus shooting what …


Disembodied Heads Meet Serato: Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo. Marvin Suggs and his Amazing Muppaphone was just way, way ahead of his time. But if you haven’t already seen it making the rounds, you owe yourself a little video watching break to check out Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs, Inc., an audiovisual dreamscape in which disembodied heads form electronic drum heads and spin on turntables. The work is produced by Chris Cairns of Partizan Lab, who has a striking resume of commercial spots and worked with folks like Lady Sovereign. The good folks of Motionographer get the scoop on the production background, …