AutoTune Now AU-Compatible (OS X)

Antares' wildly popular automatic tuning plugin AutoTune is now available in Audio Unit form, meaning you're no longer reliant on Pro Tools to run it — Logic, DP, GarageBand, Live, etc. are all fair game on the Mac. (Antares has ensured compatibility with Apple's validators.) [via kvraudio] Great news for native audio, etc., etc. (I'm […]

Cantor Virtual Singer Adds German, MIDI Lyrics

Virsyn's virtual singer software Cantor has now added voices and pronunciation for German (which Virsyn says works nicely for Latin pronunciation, too). Version 1.6 includes German support with 100,000 words, which handily beats my own 23-word vocabulary in German, most of which is related to food. There's also a new choral generator feature and the […]