Rolling Stone on Electronic Music: Accidentally Making Generic Rock Seem More Boring Than Ever

(NSFW… ish.) Yes, Rolling Stone brought in heavy hitters on this spot, which is either parody, self-parody, trying to get you to read Rolling Stone for its rock coverage, trying to get you to read Rolling Stone for its EDM coverage, or just generally trying to make Rolling Stone seem hip and relevant. At least […]

Vocoder Mega-Round-up: From its History to FL Studio Tutorial, Depeche Mode

Doepfer Vocoder module, as photographed by our friend stretta (Matthew Davidson). Sure, the vocoder may now be something of an electronic music cliché now, but it got its beginnings as a mechanism of encoding speech. It was one of the first electronic instruments. It helped inspire the conceptual model for all digital communication. And, those […]

- February 3, 2009

Ableton Live’s “Secret” Vocoder; No One Needs a Vocoder

Updated: Let me sum this up. Ableton may or may not have a vocoder in the works (signs actually do point to yes on that). The best part of this story is the remixed “no one needs a vocoder” video, which encapsulates electronic music’s current love/hate/cliche relationship with the thing. And other than that, there’s […]

Peter Kirn - April 20, 2008

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