From Poland, A Dynamic Dance of Light with Watergate Crew: .wju [Featured Live Reel]

It’s odd that these days we’d reignite the debate over what DJs do. DJs mix records and make people dance. This seems reasonably understandable and valuable, and there are plenty of known variations on the topic. The realm of the unknown may be with what the VJs, or visualists, or live visual performers do. (Yes, down to what exactly to call them.) So, against those mixed records, we see visuals from the .wju crew that are more improvisatory and unexpected. This set of visual decisions is not unfamiliar, but it’s also far from pre-determined – nothing said that this had …


Spotted: Lemur Interface, Running on iPad

I don’t know why you look so surprised about this, really. Photo (CC-BY) insanephotoholic. “Lemur should just run on the iPad.” “There’s no point to have a Lemur when you can get an iPad for $500.” “When will the Lemur just run on the iPad?” Soon, apparently. Sources and an in-person sighting suggest to me you’ll see this in the very near future. The JazzMutant Lemur, the touch control hardware I reviewed over five years ago, gave musicians the first widely-available, for-sale taste of multi-touch control of music. It established a lot of basic paradigms that would appear on other …