Traktor DJ on iPhone, Waveforms and Touch, and the Phone As Desktop Companion

Not long after its debut on the iPad, Traktor DJ is available for the iPhone and iPod touch. The surprise is that more or less all the functionality of the bigger iPad version is there, only reorganized visually for the smaller screen. In fact, zoom in on a waveform and it’s the same height in […]

DJ Views, Any Way You Want Them: Next-Gen Serato DJ UI, In Screenshots [Gallery]

Now that DJ tools do a lot of the same things, part of what would prompt you to use one is what you see. And what you see is a lot of what a DJ tool offers. Serato announced earlier this month that it was overhauling its somewhat fragmented offerings and replacing them with one […]

- October 19, 2012

Reimagining the Oscilloscope with vvvv: Circle Phaser

What you’re seeing isn’t an analog oscilloscope, though it … plays one on TV. It’s a digital concoction, built with Windows visual patching environment vvvv. And it does wonderful, twisty things with your beloved oscilloscope for visualizing sound. “Cat Weasel” sends us his latest work, which he describes thusly: An experiment in designing audio waveforms […]

Peter Kirn - April 2, 2012

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