Waves give you the old-school VU meter your DAW is missing, for free

Funny thing about those old analog mixing desks: the VU meters gave really good visual feedback. Now you can add that to your modern DAW, for free.

Cubasis 2.3 brings new Waves plugin, AU automation and so much more in this huge update

Cubasis 2.3 brings 3 new Waves plugins, AudioTrack Channel Strip, L1 Ultramaximizer, and Q10 Equalizer, plus AU automation and so much more

Ashley Elsdon - November 21, 2017

Abbey Road at Home? Waves Emulates Double Tracking Made Famous by Beatles, $99 Sale

It all started in 1966 as a way to fake multiple takes – and it works pretty well for any vocals. And now, in one of the more ambitious emulation efforts undertaken recently, software engineers are hoping to recreate a sound you know quite well from artists like The Beatles. And oh, yeah, even if […]

- March 11, 2014

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