Free pack connects Ableton to the physical world, Internet

You can already connect your music software to MIDI devices. But why not Internet data, video, the weather, or physical worlds of Arduino and LEGO Mindstorms, too? With a new pack released today, making connections is a matter of adding some building blocks.

A LEGO Step Sequencer, Made with a Camera and Code [Video; Open Source Code]

Beat Bricks – A LEGO Step Sequencer from superquadratic on Vimeo. There’s something about that feeling of snapping a LEGO brick in place, a tactile connection to childhood memory. So, while it’s perhaps neither necessary nor terribly practical, this rig that turns a LEGO board into a step sequencer is somehow irresistible. And, like any […]

EMS Synthi, Recreated in Max, then Controlled with a Webcam

The headline says it all. Oh, sure, as if it isn’t enough to recreate the legendary EMS Synthi synth – one of the most creative vintage analog instruments ever devised – this artist takes it one step further, controlling parameters with a piece of colored paper tracked by a webcam. It’s an achievement of sheer […]

Weekend Inspiration: Live Blender and Processing Experiments from Poland

Polish Blender artist Sebastian Korczak is not only creating some fantastic interactive pieces in Blender (on CDMo), but he’s releasing the source code, for other Blenderissimos to build on his work: Blender Live Shape 1.0 from MyInventions on Vimeo. Also check out his Blender AI robots, and work connecting Arduino to Blender. Thanks Giorgio.

An Abstract Visual Interface, Made of Light and Gestures, and Full-Body Virtual Exercise

Computer vision technologies for manipulating digital interfaces with gestures are already here and mature; now it’s simply a matter of designing creative applications around them. And as with many design tasks, presentation is everything. From comments, Jeremy Bailey sends along an example of a gestural interface in which elements are moved around with gestures. The […]

Minority Report Interface, Implemented in Flash + FLARToolkit, and Why it Rocks

ActionScript programmer Peter Kaptein has done some brilliantly creative work to mimic the infamous gestural interface in the film Minority Report using only Flash, a webcam, a printer, and your fingers. (Okay, you may want to pick up some Scotch tape, too.) The tricks to make it all work (as I see it, anyway): 1. […]

d-touch Tangible Sequencer: Updates to Free Camera+Blocks Drum Machine

Bored with mouse pushing and knob twiddling? The d-touch tangible sequencer / drum machine makes a cheap interface (with free downloadable software) for assembling sequences. Make some (attractive) blocks, set up a webcam, and plug into your computer. I took a first look at this tool last month, and noted its use in sequencing walnuts. […]

People as Pixels: Coordinated YouTube Choreography in Sour

Just when you think you can’t find another YouTube video trick, someone goes and manages to choreograph an elaborate piece across webcams across the planet. But perhaps this piece isn’t really about YouTube so much as it is coordinating movement across performers and dividing the screen space up in creative ways — something that could […]

PS3 Eye Cam Optimization, Mac and Beyond

Via Aaron Meyers, who’s getting ready for some fun projects at Eyebeam here in New York this week, anyone using a camera for capture, live video, or tracking needs to check out this copious thread on the OpenFrameworks forum: beginners ~ Sony PS3 Eye We already knew Sony’s US$40 PS3 Eye camera was a wonder; […]