Wii Control for Macs: OSCulator, for OSC, MIDI, and Keystrokes

I must make a correction and clarification in regards to OSCulator, the Mac utility for connecting to Nintendo’s Wii remote, which I mentioned in today’s Deckadance story. Despite the name, it supports the broadly-available MIDI as well as (for programs like Max/MSP, Pd, Flash, Director, Traktor, Reaktor, Processing, and others) OpenSoundControl. Simon Balarbe writes us: […]

Deckadance DJ App Update Supports Wii Remote, Other Goodies

The Wii remote as music controller is gradually going from being a novelty to being standard equipment. Deckadance, the DJ software from Fruity Loops creators Image Line, has only just come out and already has its first update. 1.10 is a big jump. Updates to the Ms. Pinky SDK support means it can now support […]

Free Wii Drum Machine for Windows Update, Plus Wii in .Net and Java

Evan has been hard at work on his free Wii remote drum machine for Windows, and he’s got a fantastic new version with an updated interface, more features, and nunchuk adapter support. All you need is a PC (or Mac) running Windows, a Bluetooth adapter, and Wii remote. (Hey, speaking of which, anyone know if […]

Wii Sound Spatialization, Aided by Pizza; Music for Skateboards

Kirsty Komuso is documenting a class project to use Wii gaming controllers to manipulate sound. The secret: feed the students pizza. (Hey, low blood sugar is most definitely not helpful when working with interactive projects.) It is amazing what you can achieve with a class of advanced interaction design students, fuelled [sic] by 12 pizzas […]

This Week In Synths: The First Synths to…, Star Trek Wii, Yamaha’s First Synth, Access Goldfilter, and Sequence Madness

The First Synth to… In case you missed it, Sonic State is running a video series on The Top 20 Greatest Synths of all time. About once a month they put up a video featuring three synths from the countdown. As you can imagine a few controversial pieces came up including the E-Mu Proteus, and […]

Wii as Lightsaber: More Kyma-Synthesized Goodness, But the Original was Cheaper

I think we’ve reached a geekdom singularity. Nintendo Wii controller + physical computing + OpenSoundControl + Mac + Kyma granular synthesis = Star Wars lightsaber sounds? Nicely done, Matteo Milani! More details from these Kyma sound synthesis experts at Unidentified Sound Object, which also has lots of resources on sound design in general on the […]

Expressive Wii: Open Sound Control – MIDI – Wii – Kyma on Mac

Open Sound Control (OSC), an open protocol that can be used in place of MIDI, isn’t the right tool for everything. Hooking up a 4-octave keyboard with some knobs, for instance, makes a whole lot more sense in MIDI, and MIDI is widely supported. But I like OSC’s open-ended message structure for devices like the […]

Free Mac Looper for Wii Controller, Wii MIDI Hacking Round-up

The wireless, Bluetooth-based Wii controller is fast becoming the music control hardware of choice. The latest addition: Yann Seznec’s Wii Loop Machine, a free, Wii-controller looper for Macs. The software is built in Max/MSP using my current favorite way to interface with the Wii controllers, the free aka.wiiremote external for Max. Load in any samples […]

Wii Midi Control in Resolume with glovePIE: Full Instructions, Pictures and Settings Files

I had hoped to have Wii Remote control over at least part of Resolume happening for my gig on Friday night, but didn’t have time to setup the various MIDI messages in glovePIE. If only I’d googled it first. Erm, so not an “I feel lucky” search, but the second result is this thread on […]

Wii VJ @ antivj: Wiimote to MIDI on Windows Tutorial, Video

antivj have cooked up a fantastic Wii-to-MIDI tutorial — and a very pretty feature image to go with it! (Nice!) Much of the focus for the Wii controller has been on the music and VJ side, but they’re equally compelling as live visual controllers. Our friends at the uber-hip French visualist blog antivj have translated […]