Wintry Mix: Mark Templeton Music for Winter, Winter Music Making and Listening, and You

In the northern hemisphere, it’s winter. Really. Here’s today’s winter storm warning for the New York City area, as composed by the bards of the US government’s NOAA National Weather Service: SNOW…TRANSITIONS TO A WINTRY MIX OF SLEET…SNOW AND FREEZING RAIN AROUND MID MORNING…AND CONTINUES FOR MUCH OF THE DAY BEFORE BECOMING A PERIOD OF […]

Wintry Samples: Recording Snow, Free Snow and Ice Drum Samples, Gnomish Choirs

Photo: Frank Bry, courtesy his blog The Recordist. It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere. For some of us, there’s little need to remind us of snow and ice. But if you fancy adding some frozen sounds to your music, we have both free samples and expert recording tips to help get your cold on. Frank […]

Create Digital Snow: Happy Winterdays, with Flash

Joshue Ott, creator of the gorgeous abstract performance tool superDraw (built in Java and Processing) has a seasonal toy for your playing enjoyment, built in Flash. SnowDraw is a fun little falling snowflake toy which can create messages like the one I spoiled above. It’s naturally far more fun in motion, so go give it […]

On Demand: CDM Winter 2008, with Gift Guide, Bending and Slicing Tutorials, More

“What if, instead of targeting Web content to a single day, you turned it into an object that would last a season? What would you want to save and savor?” That’s the question I ask at the beginning of the Create Digital Music Winter 08 guide. We’ve filled it with good stuff we love, plus […]

Video: Found Music at the Bottom of the World

Got some time on your hands? Wine glasses, stuff to knock? Camera? Happen to be deep in the Southern Hemisphere at the British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station and your fellow scientists have a winter film festival on? Scientists Rob Webster (music) and Jim Elliot (video) found themselves in that situation, and came up with […]

Free Interactive Snowflake Generator (Quartz Composer Composition)

Here in Los Angeles the weather is currently sunny and warm – great for going to the park, but not so much for creating that Xmas/New Year’s Wintry feeling. Here’s a patch you can use to fill the room with snowy interactive goodness. Fire up your Projector, Big Screen TV, or Wrist-worn LCD Display and […]