Reflections on Projection Mapping, as Masters and Apprentices Meet

Projection Mapping thoughts. Telenoika Mapping Workshop from Telenoika on Vimeo. The development of perspective illusion in Europe didn’t come from an individual artist. There was no single breakthrough moment. The refinement of the technique was a collective, communal activity, forged in workshops and apprenticeships. So, it’s fitting that the development of projection media around the same notions of perspective would be communal in the same way. Now, we’re back in Europe, but as a single focal point for a movement that’s truly global, now no longer controlled by guilds or the like, but as flat and open as the Internet. …

In Berlin, musicians and creators gather to work collaboratively on new means of creation and performance. Imogen Heap and her team are among the participants, presenting an interactive workshop on wearable tech. Photo from TEDGlobal 2012 in Edinburgh, by James Duncan Davidson.

Hack Into MusicMakers’ Future in Berlin [CTM Open Call]

Happy New Year, from the future. It’s too late for sci-fi movies with a dateline of 2013. If you want something futuristic, you’ll just have to get to work. That’s what we’re doing in Berlin at CTM Festival later this month, with some of our favorite artists and engineers and designers and artist-engineer-designers. And we’d love to have you join us. We’ll have live music to enjoy. That includes high-tech original creations — Sonic Robots’ real-life 808 drum machine and band, and Tarik Barri and Lea Fabrikant with their three-dimensional audiovisual space trip. Tim Exile will treat us to his …


That’s Right, You’re Not From Texas: CDM SxSW Picks, Gone Tech-y, Starting Today

Austin comes into view. Photo (CC-BY) David Berkowitz. Okay, I may be in Germany (see you next week, Messe!), but if you’re in Austin, Texas, the CDM radar is picking up some strong blips of things you probably want to be doing, starting today, Do. 15 Mär. (Erm, uh, sorry, Thursday March 15!) Highlights include a Neon Indian show paired with visuals, music, and the good folks of Switched On, fine music from Robot Koch, TYCHO, and Sepalcure, a Saturday night dance party with Academik on a beautiful rooftop in the heart of town, and workshops – much of this …


In Cloth and Choreography, Projected Light: Mapping Festival; Deadline Friday Dec 2

Mapping Festival is a real-world hub for visuals, a place where photons against surfaces and human visualists converge in the physical realm, and not just online. So, we’re very excited to see what happened in 2011 – and to look forward to 2012. We’ve been watching some of those videos in the past two months: “This Medium of Light”: Movement and Flickers in New Mapping Fest Trailer From Technique to Medium: Mapping Festival in Videos Immerses Eyeballs Today, we have three more videos, showing movement and choreography, audiovisuals against dance and projected on cloth, and a stunning Kinect-powered workshop. It’s …


Preview: NYC’s In/Out Festival, in Videos, Embraces Eclectic Lineup and Music DIY

You can complain about music events and festivals as they are, dream about what you’d imagine an event could be – or you can go and make it happen. And since the latter category fits friends-of-the-site Chris Gilroy and Lara Grant, it’s well worth an endorsement for this weekend’s In/Out Festival. (For their part, both Chris and Lara have been regulars at our Handmade Music NYC series; Chris as an electronic audiovisualist, and Lara as a textile-and-sound-melding felted signal processing guru.) If you’re in New York, hope you can make it or even help cover it for CDM. If you’re …


Workshop in LA: Make Your Own Musical Tools, Free, with Processing and Pd

Music visualization in Processing by yours truly. If you’re in the LA area, I’m teaching a reasonably beginner-friendly workshop in making musical tools with visual interfaces, using entirely free software (Processing and Pd, on Mac, Windows, Linux, and if you like, Android). It’s this coming Thursday night, September 8 – the perfect way to get back to school! (For me, too…) I’ll also be sharing some resources as I put them together for that workshop, so wherever you are, keep an eye on CDM soon. The workshop is US$60, but you’ll leave with the skills you need to make your …


Cross-Processing as Digital? Video, Textural and Glitchy, Transformed in a Game

“Cross-processing” in the film domain involves using the chemicals intended for one kind of film on, essentially, the wrong kind of film. After discovering some effects by mistake, the technique largely makes use of negative image. But what if the idea, conceptually, were applied to digital video? This workshop in Portugal by No-Domain explores the idea: The Comunicar Design/ ESAD invited us to give a workshop that we called it “Video Cross Processing”, name inspired by the classic 90´s C-41 reverse chemicals process. During the workshop 25 students shared an exciting experience playing with a lo-fi-video-technique to generate analogue glitches, …


Packed Decibel Festival Slated for Seattle, Led by FlyLo, September 22-26

Dancing in the park at Decibel, ca. 2009. Photo (CC-BY) zenobia_jo. Seattle’s Decibel Festival has announced a packed lineup of artists, events, and workshops for its 2010 edition. With growing events across the continent of North America, maybe it’s time to stop claiming the “only” event of the year is Mutek. (Nothing against the spectacular city of Montreal intended in that statement.) Flying Lotus, confirmed today, now leads the lineup of artists set for the Decibel Festival, and it reads like a lot of people’s wish list of artists. There are plenty of regulars at these sort of events (and …


Handmade Music NYC 8/29, 1979 Photo-theremin Workshop, Call for Works

Handmade Music returns August 29 to New York City – now in Manhattan at the new Culturefix space on the Lower East Side. Beginners, this is your chance to learn about electronics and sound making, with a newcomer-friendly workshop on making a photo-theremin – and yes, you’ll even learn to solder. (Like knitting, you’ll find it gets easy fast and can even be relaxing.) Entry fee includes all parts cost, and you leave with a fun creation. If you have work you want to show or a performance to propose, be sure to see the call for works at the …


mrmr Provides Instant OSC Visual Control; Gallery Show, Workshop in NYC

Automatic for the people: the beauty of mrmr is that it’s an instantaneous, ubiquitous interface for any interactive visuals. Walk up to an installation, and via wifi, your mobile device receives a set of controls that can be used to manipulate what you see. You can collaborate on performances, provide interactions with software and data – really, anything you might like. The mrmr client, currently available for iPod touch and iPhone (with iPad support awaiting iTunes approval), is a protocol built atop network standards OSC and Zeroconf (Apple’s Bonjour). That means it and tools like it should soon come to …