Androidcontrollerism: Hardware Options on Android, in Detail; Android Player Piano

Adding hardware to tablets, as it has with decades of computing technology, can open up new worlds for software and music. It can animate a conventional piano, or provide new physical interfaces for touching music. But let’s not wait for it to happen; let’s get hacking. Following on today’s line of thinking about hardware-augmented touch, […]

Tablet Visualist: Hands-on with Android Xoom HDMI Output Looks Promising

Three tablets – iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, and HP Touchpad. Improving like wine with age, or corked? Photo (CC-BY) Justin Ried. We’ve been watching tablets for some time now, looking for the perfect, mobile visualist performance tool. For the first time, those results begin to look genuinely promising. But here’s a surprise: it’s the Android-powered […]

HDMI Now on iPad, iPad2, and Android Honeycomb; HDMI Tablet VJ, Anyone?

Tablet? Check. HDMI output? Check. Mixer? Fail. Apple’s new Digital AV Adapter, announced today [see Apple Store link], is pretty darned near perfect for the iPad performer. It might just be better news for the readers of this site than the iPad itself. At US$39, it includes both HDMI and USB ports – meaning you […]

OpenGL Geek Out: Motorola Releases Supported Extensions for XOOM Tablet

Mobile devices are finally starting to look more like desktop devices in terms of GPU 3D capabilities, thanks to new chipsets – in this case, NVIDIA’s Tegra. In non-technical terms, think eye candy. In technical terms – well, heck, let’s use this handy copy-paste feature I have on my (ahem, desktop) computer: