Yamaha just bought amp and pedal maker Ampeg

Yamaha’s guitar group is growing. Alongside products on their own brand and Line 6, they now will own one of the most legendary brands of all time: Ampeg.

KQ Dixie could be the closest you’ll get to a DX7 on your iOS device

KQ Dixie could be the closest you’ll get to a real Yamaha DX7 on your iOS device, and what’s more it’ll actually control a DX7 is you connect one over MIDI

Ashley Elsdon - January 16, 2018

If SysEx management via iOS is important then you need to check out Midi Quest

If SysEx management on iOS is important, check out MidiQuesti, a dedicated librarian / editor for external MIDI devices from Korg, Roland, Yamaha and more

Ashley Elsdon - November 5, 2017

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