I've loved MacInTouch's reader reports since I bought my
first Mac in 1996. Today there's a lively discussion going about audio interfaces for mobile recording. It's a natural for the CDM 'fine reading of the week' award.

Only problem is: too many interfaces. In fact, you can see why
consumers are likely to gravitate to any new Apple audio interface. On
the other hand, you'll also see why anyone whose needs are more than
entry-level are likely to choose from the rich range of boxes available
at every price point, each catering to specific needs.

That said, let's assume for a moment that you had $400, and had to choose. Here's my vote:

Nothing else right now gives you the same bang-for-your-buck out of the
box, hardware and software. (And since the Spike comes with Traktion,
you're good to go.) And unlike the Digidesign MBox, you can still run
your audio software without plugging in a hardware interface. Stay
tuned for more.