The Electronic Music Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary by holding a panel on the future of electronic music
at New York's Chelsea Art Museum; the guest list reads like a who's who
of music. These are the people who literally invented the technologies
we now use:

  • Jon Appleton: worked on the team that built the Synclavier
  • Max Matthews: pioneered digital audio technologies at Bell Labs
  • Robert Moog: first commercially successful synthesizer
  • Laurie Spiegel: first software instrument (in 1985!)
  • Morton Subotnik: worked with Buchla on one of the first synths
  • Daniel Teruggi: worked on the SYTER digital synth in the 1970s (1970s!)

And of course, these are highly condensed one-liners for people whose
whole lives have contributed one innovation after another. All of it
free for members (including champagne)! If you can't make it to Chelsea
Monday night December 6 at 8p, just tune into CDM next week for