This week brings two products that make
connecting equipment to your computer a bit easier. Marathon's new RePorter
brings FW 400 and 800, two USB 1.1/2.0, and audio ports from the back
of your tower to a handy connector in the front, reaching 5 feet so you
don't have to. While it could theoretically be used with any computer
with these ports, the product is clearly geared at the Power Mac G5;
too bad it's missing digital audio I/O.

Speaking of digital audio I/O, Griffin Technology's XPress Digital Audio Cable
is designed for digitally connecting your Airport Express to your
stereo, cutting down on analog interference and hum. It's just an
ordinary optical cable, but the inclusion of TOSLink-to-mini connectors
essential for the Airport makes a nice touch, as these aren't always
easy to find.

Marathon RePorter
Compatibility: Any (aimed at Power Mac G5)
Cost/Availability: US$59.95, shipping now

Griffin XPress Digital Audio Cable
Compatibility: Any (aimed at Airport Express)
Cost/Availability: US$19.95, shipping now