You heard it here first. Tony Amendolare of ElektroKraft, creator of the Axe*Synth we covered here on CDM, writes today to tell us about his newest creation: the Space Box combination digital photo-theremin + effects. [Press release]

  • It's a light theremin: Wave your hand above the photocell, and the box will respond to light and dark.
  • It's an effects box: Tony says the box is capable of 'frequency
    multiplier' effects. Read: cool, odd, fuzzy, distorted sounds. (sample
    sounds on the site)
  • You can use it in a standalone mode, with a digital oscillator,
    as a theremin, or plug your instrument in for use as an effects

The result is crazy-sounding digital noise, at least in the sample
sounds on his site — turn your volume down on your headphones before
listening! You might want to run this through some additional effects
for a more ethereal quality — or leave it dry for the edgy 'digital
phone system hell-bent on destroying the planet' sound.

Cost: $189, available for immediate purchase