Weren't those touchpad controllers great on Star Trek? Every control
was projected from behind, so controls could change flexibly based on
what you were doing, and everything could be manipulated by touch.

Guess what? Star Trek-like control has arrived for music. Witness Lemur,
a digital touchscreen controller for music and VJ applications.
Customize your touchscreen surface using editing software for Windows,
Linux, and Mac, then use the Lemur to control OSC-compliant apps like
Max/MSP and the free Pd (Pure Data).

But you'll never see this experimental French device in the US, right?
Au contraire, says JazzMutant's Guillaume Largillier: "We're
manufacturing a 20 units pre-release edition which will be available
for testing before Christmas. Then, Lemur will be launch in Europe 1st
Quarter 2005. North-American release should follow."

And they'll be at NAMM in January in Anaheim. Stay tuned.

[Update] Pricing: EUR2000 / US$2400