Those of you using Ableton Live 4 know how much fun the software's new
Simpler and Impulse instruments are. Drag-and-drop sounds, and you've
got an instant sampler or drum kit. Now if only Ableton had bothered to include
a decent library of presets to get you started . . . If only . . . If
only . . .

It seems TrackTeam
Audio has heard us. Inspired by the many ReFills available for
Propellerhead Reason, TrackTeam has developed the LiveFill, their own
cross-platform installer for Live sounds and presets, and released the demo of first LiveFill, Tacklebox, this week. Armed with a couple dozen pieces of vintage gear, they've loaded in:

  • Loops
  • Impulse, Simpler presets
  • Effects presets

Effects presets in Live have been a bit lopsided,
and while loop content is nice, the best news here is finally
having some decent Simpler synths and Impulse drum kits to play. Expect a review once this ships. The other story
here is the cross-platform installer. I'd love for TrackTeam to somehow
license this so all of us could contribute LiveFills. Stay tuned.

Updated info from TrackTeam: If you want information on
licensing your own sample format, converting an existing collection to
LiveFill, contact them. New availability/pricing below:

Compatibility: Windows XP, Mac OS X
Availability: Shipping within "next few weeks"; demo (limited content) available now
Pricing: US$39 before 1/1/05; expected US$49 retail afterwards