Apple is targeting Web sites because it doesn't yet have a defendant as it attempts to smoke out the source of a leak, report The Mac Observer and CNet
Apple, a company known for obsessive secrecy and CEO Jobs' dedication
to finding and plugging leaks, appears interested in  stopping
leaks of both information and software: in a separate case,
it's suing over leaked copies of the developer release of OS X 10.4.
According to CNet, Apple sought and was granted a subpoena for, AppleInsider, and Think Secret.

Naturally, a side effect of all of this is more publicity for the
alleged Asteroid audio interface device and the Web sites that
published the leak. Even CNet is repeating the specs of the device
reported by those sites. And, of course, the date those sites
speculated — Macworld Expo — would mean the device is released just
before the enormous NAMM music industry show in Anaheim.

So, I say, rest easy. At this point, there's little to speculate or
discuss other than waiting for Macworld and NAMM. Lots of new hardware
from Apple and many other vendors is a definite. (I know of some other,
non-Apple things I can't discuss until they become public.) See you in
January, in other words.