Women are closing the gender gap in tech savvy, according to
Intel-funded research by Harris Interactive (of Harris Poll fame).
Experts from Intel and Harris, including a cultural anthropologist, say
women are just as enthusiastic about technology as men; young women are
actually more likely than young men to buy a laptop and more likely to
desire wireless Internet features. Now, of course, there's a certain
pro-tech bias, and speaking as someone who writes for tech magazines
(Macworld and Keyboard) with overwhelmingly male readership, there seem
to be some remaining disconnects or barriers for women and technology
that I find disheartening. Check out the press release
for some fascinating numbers, though, and let's hope tech firms
continue to research this issue — instead of just assuming their
target customer is male. Please don't use Intel's "Technologically Involved Female"/TIF name, though. (via textually)