Pro audio has been slow to go wireless, which is why the Tranzport,
the first-ever wireless remote for DAWs, is very good news. The device
from Frontier Electronics is due early in 2005 and will work
out-of-the-box with your DAW software of choice, including SONAR, DP,
Cubase, Logic, and Pro Tools. (I'm holding out for Ableton Live — stay
tuned.) The 1-lb. device covers all the basic recording features you'll
need: there are transport controls, a big shuttle jog wheel, track
arming and punch-in features, and even looping settings. Live LCD
feedback from your DAW shows you the status of the active track. With a
range over 30 ft., that means you can record wherever you like and run
the DAW remotely. (You could even have an unmanned control room!)

Now the good news: the device runs on 4 AAA batteries and will list for
just US$249. Plug the included USB tranceiver into your host computer
and you're done. Frontier designed the Tascam control surfaces, so
quality should be good; stay tuned here for the latest.