Normally, I don't like to cover 'point-one' releases, but MOTU's Digital Performer 4.51 is a major upgrade for users of this popular Mac-only digital audio workstation:

  • Dynamic CPU Management frees up the CPU when plugins are idle.
    All MOTU plugins have been updated; third party MAS and AU plugins have
    to be updated by the developer.
  • Saved Bounce and Multi Bounce lets you instantly bounce and batch process audio.
  • User plugins are better organized into subfolders and a user folder, a boon to those of us loaded with plugins.
  • Enhanced DirectMIDI support means more MIDI communication with RTAS plugins.
  • Marker Locate numbers are customizable for more flexible markers.
  • Performance enhancements thoughout result in snappier performance, especially for new 4.5 features like beat detection.

All in all, MOTU is really focused on the details of this robust OS X
host and DAW. You'll need a wrapper for VST, though, as with Logic; I'm
working now on a review of the MAS-only AudioEase offering and
AU-compatible FXpansion wrapper.

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