The highly-anticipated Nuendo 3 upgrade, Steinberg's would-be "Pro Tools killer", is now shipping worldwide.

What's Nuendo? It's the high-end sibling to Cubase, and Steinberg's
ultra-high-end media production software. This new release is big news
for post production in particular, with AAF support, X-Send
integration, Media Management tools, an a new Warp to Picture features,
plus lots of beefed-up surround capabilities. Interestingly, unlike
Digidesign's Pro Tools this is really a software product, priced at
US$2,499.99; $299.99 buys the upgrade if you're already on Nuendo 2.

I know our readers are diverse, so if you're a Nuendo user, drop us a
line and let us know what you think! Great to see heated-up competition
in this market.