Based on a poll of a few weeks ago, it's clear what CDM
readers wanted under the tree Saturday. So I've decided to give it to
you — virtually speaking, anyway — based on the top three winners.

The Readers' Choice goes to:

  1. Fairlight CMI: The original ultimate digital
    synth/sampling workstation (shown); while it's not worth its original $50,000
    list, it's still in the "costs as much as a car" range. Read about it
    at Music Thing's Fairlight CMI Week, then check out the extensive details at Holmes Page. There are enough images there that you can, er, pretend you own one.
  2. Moog Modular: Sure, it's '', but that doesn't stop you from coveting an original, non-software-emulated Moog Modular system. It almost beat out the Fairlight CMI in voting. So just make one out of paper: cheaper and more portable, and you can't say it's digital.
  3. A Yacht: The
    aquatic alternative to music gear fared well in our poll, so here it
    is. It's not hard to find the perfect CDM yacht; our readers are all
    about speed. The super-fast Millenium 140
    was designed on Macs and is laden with PowerBooks, perfect for pumping
    out a Bond-inspired dance mix as you hit 65 knots. The creators wrote
    into Be really nice to them and get a ride, then get
    your dance album to go platinum so you can buy one yourself. (First
    yacht to be emblazoned with a giant Moog logo? See more options at Yachtingnet.)

There. Don't you feel better now? (Hey, no snide comments about a slow news week.)