IK Multimedia has "completely redesigned" its popular guitar processing package AmpliTube.
The new software has a new look and sound that should feel comfortable
to guitar players: there's an even bigger bundle of analog-modeled amps
and stomp and rack effects than before with a new, still more-vintage
look. Microphone placement for modeling amp mic-ing is more accurate —

you actually place the mic where you want it go. Vital stats (by my

  • Over 20,000 (!) amp combinations
  • 18 Pre-amps, 16 EQs, 5 Power Amp models (Think Fender, Mesa, Marshall, Vox, and the like)
  • 16 Cabinets
  • 20 analog-modeled stomps on 6+6 slots
  • New analog-modeled vintage effects
  • New microphone selection (SM57, Electrovoice, Sennheiser, Neumann)
  • New routing and syncable effects

AmpliTube has been a big favorite among pro guitarists, so this release
should keep the heat on Native Instruments' rival Guitar Rig.

Availability: Spring 2005
Cost: US$/EUR 399
Compatibility: Mac/Windows