Sure, guitar modeling is nothing new, but for the first time
bass amps get their own software model. If you want any more evidence
that software and hardware are converging, software developer IK
Multimedia has partnered directly with Ampeg, the legendary bass amp
folks. (Ampeg engineers hand-tuned the presets, says IK.) This
partnership is set to yield more products, but first out the gate is
the Ampeg SVX virtual studio for bassists. Vitals (illustrating IK's continuing powers of multiplication):

  • Powered by AmpliTube 2.0 (and thus shares many features)
  • Tuner, Stomp, Amp, Cabinet+Mic
  • 4 Ampeg amps, 5 Ampeg cabinets, for 20 combinations
  • 10 Stomps on 6 Slots

Summer 2005, price TBD.