Big news from Apple. There's surround in QuickTime 7, for starters, in a Jobs demo, but GarageBand 2 is getting big changes:

  • Included music notation
  • 8-track simultaneous recording
  • Automatic pitch and timing correction, including Vocal Transformer (the AutoTune-like pitch correction in Logic Pro 7)
  • Part of iLife `05 US$79, available this week

In other news (all now up on

  • iPod shuffle flash player
  • $500 Mac mini (with FireWire 400 and USB 2, so could work for audio!)
  • iWork productivity suite includes Pages plus Keynote
  • John Mayer performance as always
  • NO AUDIO INTERFACE, despite the release of GarageBand 05.

Stay tuned to CDM for more details. Thanks to Lee Sherman, live on the scene.