Mackie's Tracktion is a newcomer to the Audio/MIDI multitrack DAW
scene, but its one-window interface and powerful features have earned
it a lot of respect — especially when it comes free with some
interfaces and cost well under $100. Tracktion 2 is here now and
sweetens the deal without sacrificing the elegance of the interface:

  • 64-bit mix engine
  • Lots of bundled effects and instruments (mda, Acuma, Raw Materials, IK Multimedia, etc.)
  • Bundled loops and samples
  • More powerful MIDI editor
  • Eight aux sends and returns
  • More comprehensive keyboard control and MIDI control of filters
  • Improved external sync support
  • Full integration with Mackie Control Universal and C4
  • More flexible/customizable GUI and metering, color schemes

The bundled effects and instruments, though mostly free or
limited-edition, should round out the package nicely. Here's a case
where some evolutionary improvements may be just perfect.

Pricing and availability is TBD, so stay tuned. (No images yet, sorry!)