Times have changed: some of the Macworld Expo rumor mill's hottest buzz is all about audio. Think Secret reports
that the Mac shindig this month will be host to a new version of Apple
GarageBand as well as a new orchestral loop and instrument library, Jam
Pack 4. (What will orchestral loops sound like, though, I wonder?)
Believability on this one is pretty high: iLife is due for an update
and Apple is nearly certain to introduce an audio interface given that
it's going after Web sites over that rumor.

Are you going to Macworld Expo? If you are, join the CDM Macworld team:
take photos, and send us a report. CDM expects new Apple audio products
as well as a few introductions by at least one other vendor. Contact me if you're interested in covering Macworld or the NAMM show in Anaheim.