Crazy iPod Tricks with Linux

I'm off to Austin, Texas in March to speak at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. In an ideal world, the presentation topic would be "Survey of Alien Music 101: First Contact", but instead it's an iPod panel. Fret not: we can make iPods cool. Needless to say, step one will be to install Linux. […]

Commodore 64 Synthesis, Revisited

The Commodore 64 computer is no longer legendary for, er, performance and power, but it is legendary for its built-in synthesizer chip, the SID. Lovers of this phat-sounding analog chip will go to great lengths to feed their nostalgia: Butcher an actual C64 and build your own MIDI-capable SID synthesizer (via hack-a-day) Add a real […]

Peter Kirn - February 5, 2005

Free Audio Hosts/Editors (Windows/Mac)

As part of CDM's ongoing construction of the "Completely Free Studio," I'm working on assembling good freeware hosts for Windows and Mac. (Linux, of course, being a no-brainer!) Here's what's on my recommend list at the moment: Audio editor: Audacity (open source), Win/Mac/Linux, with the addition of the VST Enabler / LADSPA bridge for Linux […]

Peter Kirn - February 5, 2005

Build Your Own Neuron Patches

Peter Kirn - February 5, 2005

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