Getting Started in Audio Anarchy: Circuit-Bending

As we've reported here before, circuit bender Noah Fleischman is a mad scientist of electronics destruction. We've seen software manglings like the Flash-powered software Speak & Spell, but Noah has continued . . . destroying things . . . from toy keyboards to a device created by grafting a cassette Walkman to a 5.25" floppy […]

Free Generator Synth (Mac)

Our free studio creation continues, with a terrific subtractive synth for Mac OS X. Generator had humble beginnings as the buggy and limited Buzzer, but the baby grew up. The latest release adds antialiased oscillators, a new filter and modulation engine, and an elegant new GUI. In fact, one advantage of this freeware in the […]

Peter Kirn - February 8, 2005

HyperEngine Audio/Video Editor Now Free (Mac)

Once commercial software, a powerful audio/video editor is now still supported, but at a new price of — nada. Our friends at Samplepoolz report that Arboretum has turned HyperEngine-AV into a free download. Better yet, the code is open source, so we could see some exciting developments with this program. (Programmers out there?) HyperEngine-AV is […]

Peter Kirn - February 8, 2005

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