While we're on the subject of cheap recording tricks (see also: singing into your closet), why not make a pop filter out of pantyhose?

What's a pop filter, you say? If you're not recording vocals with one,
you're insane: sibilance and plosives will create unweildly, well,
"pops" on your recording. You could buy a pop filter to help, or use
one of these tricks:

  • Point your mic off-axis at your vocalist. (Boring, not as effective as –)
  • Use a sock placed over the head of the mic. (Better, perfect for hotel room recordings, not as good as –)
  • Build a pantyhose filter, using either coat hanger wire or (better) an embroidery hoop. Instructions at Tod Maffin's Radio.org blog or (more detailed) by Christopher Stark at DIY site KaiAudio. (Best!)

Of course, I recently picked up a commercial Samson pop filter for just
US$25, and it has a lovely gooseneck attachment, but you can't show it
off with the same self-satisfaction. It's pride, not money. (And the
commercial pop filters seem to be made out of exactly the same
material! So, if you ever need to repair a run in your hose, just
dismantle your nearest pop screen.)